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Dalian FuGu Modern Fishery Ecological Park Project

The total investment of Dalian Fugu Modern Fishery Ecological Park is 587.95 million yuan, covering an area of 6,000 mu, of which 300 mu is the factory area. It will be built into a large-scale modern industrial circular aquaculture park with the most advanced facilities and the most perfect technology in China. It will be ecologically, economically, ecologically and environmentally friendly. The output per unit water body will increase four times as much as that of traditional aquaculture, reaching the post-production level. The annual output value is about 300 million yuan.Major construction projects are: seedling breeding area, RAS workshop, sea treasure processing plant, science and technology research and development center, high-cycle industrial circulating water aquaculture system nearly 50,000 cubic meters.Mainly engaged in red-fin Oriental puffer, sea cucumber, yellow-striped fish and lion and other dozens of kinds of Sea Treasures breeding and processing, is the national red-fin Oriental puffer seed farm, red-fin Oriental puffer excellent seedling production base.

Qingdao HISHING Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. as the main and key equipment supplier of Dalian Fugu Modern Fishery Eco-Park, undertakes the manufacture, installation and commissioning of most industrial circulating aquaculture equipment and control systems, including an smart pneumatic feeding system, 29 sets of  smart belt typefilters and 29 sets of UV sterilizer,29 sets of recirculating water control system and Internet of things system and monitoring system.

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