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Dongying Modern Fishery Demonstration Area

The project was constructed by Canada Agrimarine Holding Company in cooperation with Blue Sea Eco-Agriculture Company. The breeding workshop was 6800㎡, the deep processing workshop was 1500㎡, and the comprehensive experiment and science popularization and education facilities were 1500㎡. Build a demonstration base of industrial recirculating water, which integrates seedling breeding, product breeding, equipment research and development, product processing and brand marketing.    

Technical characteristics:

Technological integration and innovation: the efficiency of water treatment, aquaculture density, aquaculture survival rate is far higher than the domestic industry, to reach the international leading level;

Energy-saving and water-saving: After the aquaculture water is treated and adjusted, the aquaculture water can be recycled for many times, and the energy utilization rate is increased. The utilization rate of aquaculture water is above 95%, and the utilization efficiency of water resources is improved.

Green safety of products: the use of customized salmon feed and self-developed fish vaccine, with optional biological safety prevention and control technology system to ensure product quality;

Excellent breed: introduced Pacific silver salmon as a breed, silver salmon eggs from Canada salmon origin, good germplasm, culture in China is the first.

Reproducible and extendable: fully enclosed groundwater recirculating aquaculture technology with independent intellectual property rights can be cultured in the inland and coastal areas, establish standards, cultivate talent, and export technology, equipment and talent.


Qingdao HISHING Smart Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a large number of industrial recirculating water aquaculture system equipment and systems for the project, including emergency aeration system, oxygen supply system, water supply and salt regulation system, water quality on-line monitoring, Internet of Things integrated monitoring system, intelligent circulating water control system, ultraviolet sterilization system and other circulating water equipment.

Dongying Agri - Blue Horizon Acqua Tech Co.,Ltd.