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  • Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer


Product specifications and parameters:

Measurement range of dissolved oxygen: 0-20mg / L, measurement accuracy: ± 0.1mg/l, measurement resolution: 0.01mg/l

Temperature measurement range: - 5 ℃ - 50 ℃, measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃, measurement resolution: 0.01 ℃

Product Details

Main functions:

1. All water quality detectors are installed with imported optical dissolved oxygen probe, which have true and reliable measured data, high accuracy fast reaction speed, they can get  95% of the measurement target value in 60 seconds;


2. The product has automatic cloud storage function for Internet of things. Built in the wireless Internet of things cloud module independently developed by HISHING, the measurement data can be synchronously stored in the cloud server, and can be viewed on the mobile phone and computer at any time;


3. All detectors are free of charge equipped with HISHING independently developed mobile app application and computer client software. The user’s water quality test data can be viewed anytime and anywhere through mobile phones, computers and other devices, and the real-time data, historical data, historical curve can be viewed and downloaded. Each detector is equipped with an independent two-dimensional code. By scanning the code, users can add, bind and manage their own devices. The system is managed by a dedicated server provided by Alibaba cloud, which is stable, safe and reliable;


4. It is equipped with a touch screen-controlled UI. In addition to viewing the historical curve on the remote mobile computer, it can also view the historical curve on the instrument;


5. The handheld type meter has built-in lithium battery, which can continuously measure the power for more than 24 hours;


6. The fixed type meter is equipped with solar power supply system, which can be used in outdoor environment for a long time.